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We cater our expertise to companies seeking to expand their technology to the video gaming industry. Our clients are focused on selling more of their hardware through development of great software in order to boost sales.

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Our Dreams

Punk Projects

Come and have a gander at our latest projects!

In The Automatician, players will explore a Victorian mansion at their leisure, as well as design and craft Rube Goldberg Machines to solve puzzles and uncover secrets.

The Automatician

First Person Puzzle Exploration

The Adamant is a first person exploration puzzler where the player can push or pull a variety of objects to solve exciting and original puzzles.

The Adamant

First Person Puzzle Exploration

Guanta Gnomo is a VR local Multiplayer game that pits one Vive player as an evil spirit against two to four PC controlled Gnomes.

Guanta Gnomo

Batshit Crazy

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